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GetMyHomework is an affordable system that allows parents and students to quickly and easily play homework assignments via the telephone or the Internet.

Unfinished homework impedes learning and reduces test scores.

GetMyHomework promotes communication between teachers, parents and students.

Universal Access

GetMyHomework leaves no students behind!

Millions of students lack Internet access at home but almost all have access to a telephone.  Homework can be retrieved via telephone, the Internet or even be sent daily via e-mail.

Some homework products are available only on the web while others are available only via telephone.  GetMyHomework is universal.

Measurable Participation

Administrators & teachers can track system use.
On-line reports track daily system activity per class to help insure the system is being used.  No personal student or parent information is ever captured.

Parental Involvement

Parents crave feedback from teachers.
Teachers want a fast and easy way to communicate with parents.
A one minute teacher message each day keeps parents informed of field trip forms, upcoming tests, special events and homework assignments.  These messages keep parents connected with classroom activities and can change the typical dinner conversation:

        "What happened in school today?"

Encourages Teacher Participation

Parents and students won't use the system if recordings are not made by teachers.
Administrators can easily identify teachers deserving special recognition with a simple report that lists a "teacher participation ratio" indicating the percentage of school days the teacher makes a recording. 

School boards and administrators are under tremendous pressure to improve standardized test scores.  GetMyHomework is a powerful tool for schools to improve learning and raise test scores.  Teacher participation is critical for success and the "teacher participation ratio" report helps administrators reward system use by the teachers. 

Ease Of Use

Teachers can use the system without ever touching a computer.
It takes only seconds for a teacher to make a recording using any telephone.  The design is FAST and EASY.

More technically inclined teachers can also use the web-based teacher interface to manage messages, access any POP-3 e-mail account and perform other functions.  Use of this interface is completely optional.

Parents and students also find the system very easy to use.

= Improved Test Scores

Parents can insure that homework assignments are complete so learning and test scores improve.

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