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GetMyHomework system reports can be viewed over your network using a standard browser.  These can also be printed through your browser.

Internet access means that you can conveniently view activity reports for every school in your district from the comfort of your office.


This detailed report displays on which of the past 15 days homework recording were made or not made.  A participation ratio displays the percentage of time that recordings were made.  The specific days for the past 2 weeks are displayed.
Also displayed are the number of times the system was accessed to play recordings (by class).  Finally, automatic e-mail entries are displayed.

Quick Summary

Each class is summarized on one line.  This makes it easy to compare classes.

Other reports are included.  Click on any desired report.

Accessing the system

  1. Use your browser to find the GetMyHomework web page for the desired school.
  2. At the bottom of the web page, click "Administrator Login".
  3. Enter the name and password provided by your technician.
  4. Click "System Reports" in the left window.
  5. Click on the desired report and wait a few seconds for the report to be generated with up-to-the-minute information.

Please note: Colors may not display correctly if the color settings on your PC are set to 256 or less.