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Description of GetMyHomework
Teacher Operation - Recording homework assignments
Teacher Operation - Browser Features
Parent/Student Operation - Play over telephone
Parent/Student Operation - Play over browser


The GetMyHomework system is designed for use in primary and secondary schools. 

GetMyHomework combines the power of the Internet with the convenience of the telephone.  Homework assignments are recorded by teachers using the telephone and can be retrieved by parents and students using a telephone or the Internet.

The recordings are stored as standard WAV files that can also be played over a multimedia PC using the Internet and a modern browser.  GetMyHomework can even send the daily homework assignment to students or parents as an e-mail attachment!

Teachers can quickly record homework assignments from home or school.  Homework can even be recorded several days in advance.

Students and parents can hear homework assignments in your voice by telephone or over the Internet.  Since the system retains assignments for several days, students can get homework assignments for missed days.

The system can also be used for the school lunch menu, school calendar and more.

More work for teachers?  No way!

Homework assignments can be recorded in seconds from home or school.  Recording homework is fast and easy.

The automated e-mail list means that parents can join or leave your e-mail list without your help.

Planning to be gone for a few days?  Homework can be recorded several days in advance.  The system is even smart enough to send the homework via e-mail on the correct day.

Complete control - when you want it

Teachers can use the browser interface to add or remove e-mail list members, maintain old recordings, change system options and more.  The browser interface even lets you read and send e-mail messages.

Teacher Operation - Recording homework assignments

Use a telephone and dial the access number.
Enter *, your teacher ID number and password.
Enter the date to record.
Record the homework and press '#' when complete.  The system will automatically play back your recording to insure accuracy.  Accept the recording or record again.

Note:  Your recording is available immediately and will be sent via e-mail after a 10 minute delay.  You have 10 minutes to modify the recording before it will be sent via e-mail to your e-mail list. 

Teacher Operation - Features through the browser interface

The browser interface provides several convenience features but use of the browser is completely optional.

Maintain recordings
Play or delete recordings.
Maintain web notes
Add short notes or comments that appear on the page dedicated to your class.
Maintain E-Mail list
View, add or delete list members.
Manage personal e-mail
Access your personal POP3 e-mail account or create a special mailbox for classroom use.  Yahoo, HotMail and others offer free e-mail accounts that could be used just for classroom use.  Some school systems also provide e-mail boxes for classroom use.
Maintain system options
The number of days homework remains on the system is controlled by the teacher.
Each class has a unique 'parent password' required to join your e-mail list.  This password can be changed by you at any time, as can your personal password to make homework recordings.

Parent/Student Operation - Playing assignments over the telephone

A homework number is assigned to each class.  Teachers should have a number for each unique class.

Parents or students call the special GetMyHomework number and dial the homework number for that class.  They will hear something similar to:

"To hear the homework for today, touch 1.  To select a different day, touch 2."

After the assignment plays they can repeat the same recording, select a different day or select a different class.

Parent/Student Operation - Play assignments over the Internet

Your GetMyHomework home page will display a list of classes.  Click on the desired teacher / class to display a list of homework assignment recordings.

This page also includes a form which can be used to join the class e-mail list.  Homework assignment recordings are sent automatically as e-mail attachments and can be played over almost any multimedia PC.