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Installing the GetMyHomework system

In most cases, installing the GetMyHomework system is simple and quick.  Anyone with experience adding a PC to a computer network should have no problem. 

This all may sound complicated, but it's not.  Two standard telephone cords are used to connect the phone lines from the phone company and one standard network cord is used to connect the network.  The network configuration should take about five minutes for organized network administrators.

Once the administrator enters the teacher names the system is up and running.

Connecting the Telephone Lines

The most common type of telephone connection is called an 'RJ-11'.  This is the standard outlet used in most homes and provides a single telephone line.

The same type of outlet can provide a second line.  While the outlet may look the same it actually contains two telephone lines.  This type of connection is called an 'RJ-14'. 

The basic GetMyHomework system ships with the capacity for four phone lines using two RJ-14 connections.  Two standard 'base cords' are used to connect the phone lines.  Each cord handles two telephone lines.

Ordering telephone service from the telephone company is simple.  Assume that you want 4 phone lines (you may need less).  Simply request four telephone lines provisioned on two RJ-14 jacks, and make sure these are installed by the telephone company at the intended location for the system.  Use two standard 2-pair (4 conductor) base cords to connect GetMyHomework to the telephone lines.  That's it!

Connecting to the school phone system will require assistance but may be worth the additional expense.  

Connecting to the school phone system provides two additional benefits:

  1. FREE voice mail!  WavMail, a full featured voice mail system, is built into the GetMyHomework system and all system features are available to you.  With many phone systems, WavMail can light message lights on school desk phones and even answer and route incoming calls to the school.
  2. A more efficient use of phone phone lines will save money.  The same phone lines used by the school office during the day can be used at night for the GetMyHomework system.  This eliminates the need to order dedicated phone lines for GetMyHomework.

Connecting GetMyHomework to the school phone system provides many benefits but will require assistance from your telecommunications contractor or staff telecommunications expert.  It may be necessary to add phone equipment and make phone system programming changes to support the use of GetMyHomework.

The school telephone system must meet a few technical requirements for use with GetMyHomework.

An analog (single line) port must be available for each desired GetMyHomework port.
A positive disconnect signal must be available.  This can be a 'loop current' disconnect or a DTMF tone of A, B, C or D.  Silence is not recommended and using a busy-signal for a disconnect signal may require a separate technical support charge for assistance with your special integration. Also note that some ancient or cheap telephone companies still use equipment that does not provide a proper 'loop current' disconnect signal - but these are rare.
Most telephone systems provide 'end to end DTMF' but some do not.  This means that phones placing intercom calls to an analog port on the phone system must be able to send DTMF tones to that port.  Almost all modern system have this capability but a few new systems and some older system do not. 
There are many fine telecommunications contractors and systems available.  GetMyHomework runs on many brands of telephone equipment but is developed and tested on Samsung DCS equipment.  Sea To Sea Communications is also a Samsung dealer and will gladly e-mail to you a list of Samsung dealers in your area.

Technical Support.  To keep the purchase price for GetMyHomework as low as possible, we assume that you will connect the system directly to 'RJ-14' jacks and telephone company lines.  While GetMyHomework is designed so it can be connected to most telephone systems, any additional support we provide in this area may be at an extra cost.  Note that if your telephone system supports single-line ports and provides 'loop current' disconnect no changes or assistance should be necessary.  You will only need help for non-standard telephone systems.

Which option is best for you?  It depends on your situation.

The WavMail portion of the GetMyHomework system may be superior to your existing voice mail system and it may be practical for GetMyHomework to replace your existing voice mail system.  Visit for more information about WavMail features.

Some school phone systems don't support single-line devices and it may be necessary to use direct phone lines from the phone company or consider the purchase of a better phone system. 

Connecting to the school network and the Internet

GetMyHomework includes an industry standard Ethernet card.  Your network administrator must assign an IP address, provide access through your firewall or other security equipment and physically connect the system to your network.  These are all standard tasks for your networking professional.

Please note that Windows 2000 professional provides only 10 simultaneous web page sessions.  This means that only ten people at the same time can access the system using a web browser.  

Windows 2000 Server provide an unlimited number of connections using a browser.

GetMyHomework must also be provided with an Internet e-mail relay address.  When parents request that teacher assignment recordings be sent to them as e-mail attachments, GetMyHomework must have a way to relay these requests.  A typical e-mail relay address might be similar to:  ''.  Again, your network professional will know how this should be done.  Be sure to verify proper operation of the e-mail portion while the network professional is available as it may be necessary for this person to make adjustments to a firewall or e-mail server.