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"What happened in school today?" -- Nothing.
"Do you have any homework tonight?" -- No.

Does this sound familiar?  GetMyHomework can help you keep up with classroom activities and homework assignments by phone, through a web site or by e-mail.

By Telephone

Dial the system telephone number and enter the class code when prompted.  Choose the current announcement or pick a prior date.

By Web Enter the assigned web address, then find your class on the list.  Click on your class to play the recording.  Some announcements may have a single recording while others can play recordings from prior days.
By E-mail GetMyHomework can automatically send an e-mail with a WAV file attachment a few minutes after the announcement is recorded.  Simply click on the attachment and the recording will play over the speakers on your PC (if so equipped).  

You can sign up for e-mail at the web site listed below.  To prevent mischief a parent password is required.  You'll be prompted to choose your own password - just in case some student doesn't want you to continue receiving these announcements! 

What about privacy?  GetMyHomework tracks total traffic per class but does NOT track individual information.  You will receive e-mail ONLY from the classes you request.

 Note:  You must have a multimedia PC with speakers to use the web or e-mail access features.