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Recording homework announcements

  1. Call the system.
  2. Dial the * key, then enter your class number and password when prompted.
  3. Enter the 2-digit date for the recording.  Use the date the homework is assigned.  For example, enter the date for Tuesday if the homework is due on Wednesday.
  4. The full date will be played for you.  If correct, touch 1 and begin recording at the tone.  If not correct, touch 2 and enter the correct date.
  5. When you're finished recording, touch # to end.  The announcement you just recorded will be played back for you.
  6. Touch 1 to erase and record again.
    Touch 2 to accept and record another date.
    Touch 3 to accept and exit.

Special note for power users:  It's not necessary to wait until the end of an announcement to move on.  Examples:  While the date is playing you can hit 1 to accept.  While listening to your recording you can press 1, 2 or 3 to move on.  During the initial system message you can dial *, your mailbox and your password as a single entry and skip the prompts.

Using the browser interface
The bottom of the main GetMyHomework web page includes a blue box for teacher login.  The class number and password used for telephone access are also used for browser access.  Screen appearance varies by mailbox type (homework or voice mail).   Gollow the on-screen directions for more information.